Who Are We

Metal Weave Games is a games publisher based in sunny California, known for their inspirational and evocative titles. From the award-winning Baby Bestiary series, the diverse Atlas Animalia, to the mysterious Hyper Light Drifter: Tabletop Roleplaying Game. Using powerful visuals, compelling stories, and practical tools, we aim to reimagine the norm and inspire players, narrators, and designers to tell new stories they never thought possible.

What Is Our Values

Be A Beacon of Inspiration

We aim to inspire our readers, uplift the industry as a whole, and inspire everyone to be a better player, creator, and narrator.

Offer Just Compensation

From everyone that is involved with our projects, we aim to have everyone be properly credited and compensated for their work.

Uplift Unheard Voices

Through our efforts and successes, we aim to provide opportunities for minority voices and create a rising tide of ideas and diversity.

What’s Our Story

Started in 2014, Andreas started Metal Weave Games learning the basics of publishing within the newly emerging, and very active Numenera community. After several publications, we took the dive and launched our first ambitious Kickstarter project, Non-Player Cards. There we learned a lot about project management, production, and fulfillment, which then led to Baby Bestiary, a smash-hit! Metal Weave Games quickly rose to recognition, having now Kickstarted more than 15 projects and delivering books to thousands of readers worldwide.

Awards & Nominations

Andreas Walters
Creative Director & CEO

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