Explore Diversity

In a world of myth and magic, great heroes travel across the land taming and defeating various beasts and earning their place as legends. But as your adventure through the forests, swamps, and tundra, you quickly realize that there is a lack of creature diversity in your travels. If you are looking for something novel to spice up a fantasy roleplaying campaign, or simply want to see a new take on the creatures of fantasy, Atlas Animalia has all the monstrous variants you’ll need! Showcasing the arctic owlbear, and the tiger griffin, to the lionfish hippocampus there is much to be rediscovered in this new landscape of possibilities!

This amazing book is a monster compendium, a field guide, an ecology and biology book and an art book all rolled into one versatile supplement.

Sarah R.

 Quality. Up to my nerdy standards

Gave this as a gift after finding out I was pregnant. Cute to own and fun nursery room display item. Book itself is incredibly well made and I’m really excited to get the second edition next. Will have to start buying these as baby shower gifts.