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In a world of myth and magic, great heroes vanquish terrible monsters and earn a place in legend. But what about the babies left behind? The Baby Bestiary is the first exploration of a new kind of adventure, the raising of young monsters to become loyal companions, beloved friends or fearsome guardians.


This book is finely printed and the artwork is absolutely adorable!
Jason S. Burpee

 Quality. Up to my nerdy standards

Gave this as a gift after finding out I was pregnant. Cute to own and fun nursery room display item. Book itself is incredibly well made and I’m really excited to get the second edition next. Will have to start buying these as baby shower gifts.



All perfect for my druid!
Alejandro A., Your Content Goes Here

Amazing art, inspiring character ideas and story hooks!

This book was so inspiring to me! The art is incredible, the monster details are fun to read, and this book inspired me to start DMing my own campaign with a ‘rescue the baby monsters’ story hook to start with me and my friends! With a comprehensive leveling system for your party to raise some of these monsters as they quest, I have spent countless hours pouring over this book, and the second one, to help improve my homebrew campaign and just to stare at the beautiful art, and read about all the critters. Probably my favorite dnd manual. Highly recommend if you love animals and are looking for something interesting to add to your campaign, or even if you just like reading about fantasy creatures.

Jennifer, Your Content Goes Here

Creative and cute bestiary about baby monsters

There are not stat blocks, so this is really just a thematic backdrop for the creatures not a functional RPG supplement. Still, it is fun for an occasional read and might inspire an interesting campaign.

Robert M. Seater, Your Content Goes Here

A must-have for artbook lovers and tabletop gamers

Absolutely wonderful. The little animals are cute and I am excited to have found this series because it has illustrations by a couple artists I love. I’ve since followed the guy who set this up on Kickstarter and he is a very cool and nice guy. Continuously working on more Baby Bestiary merch like calendars, as well as other RPG/Tabletop books.

JM, Your Content Goes Here

Good read. My players really enjoy having the baby monsters, caring for them with the hopes that sometime later in the campaign they can rear them as great mounts or companions.

Drule, Your Content Goes Here