I was recently re-watching Adam Koebel’s first look, of Drifter (you can view it here). As a designer, I find it really interesting to see what specific elements other designers will pick up on. In the case of Adam I was especially curious about how he would view the Thresholds of Drifter, it’s an interesting interpretation of PtBA success thresholds adapted to fit a d20.

Nevertheless during my recent rewatch, at 51:28, I realized Adam misunderstood how the advancement system worked (he got it when he got to the Advancement section later on) but his first interpretation gave me an interesting design idea I got to mull over today. Now to start here’s how advancement currently works in Drifter:

Characters have a linear progression path. Composed of alternating Major Advancements ( one diamond) followed by 4 Minor Advancements (a diamond of 4), with the cycle repeating 4 times. Minor Advancements allowed you to choose between increasing your health, energy, new talent, or reducing your discipline thresholds. Whereas, Major advancements were then intended to provide the player with more advanced choices, a sub-class/specialization/prestige class so to speak. These would give you access to new features, and provide you with talents that you could select from that would be unique to that path.

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