So, with Awakened off to the printers what’s going to be the next big thing for the Baby Bestiary™?
Presenting, the Owlbear Plush!! (click here to get notified at launch)

Tentatively Kickstarting in August 2020, we’re happy to finally announce that we’re bringing this adorable little plush to life!

Ever since the runaway success of the Baby Bestiary, I have always had the vision of bringing the Baby Bestiary to life in plush form. So, in early 2015 I began reaching out to manufacturers and working on prototypes. Needless to say, the process of getting a design that resembled an owlbear, AND stood up to our cute-test was actually quite difficult.

Take a look down below at the number of prototypes that we had.

Prototype 1

Prototype 2

Prototype 3-4

Prototype 5

As you can see, the initial design was very teddy bear-like. It wasn’t a bad thing, but to me, it really didn’t say owlbear, nor were they cute. So I felt like I had to try a different approach, as it seemed that I was not providing good-enough inspiration for them to work off of.  So after prototype design, I shelved the project, trying to think what I could do differently, what design would best work, until it finally hit me.

My fiance and I were walking through Japantown in downtown LA, and we walked into one of the plush stores to look for gifts for our friends. Now, I’ve fairly familiar with these stores and pushes, but for some reason one I had never really thought about applying the Japanese style plus designs to an owlbear plush. So, I took a few pictures and when I got home, I reached out to one of my artists to try drawing up the owlbear in the plush style.

This is what became prototype #5, and with some refinement becomes the adorable little owlbear you see today.

Now we’re currently planning on launching this little guy in August 2020 (soon, assuming nothing crazier happens). Although I have plans for other cute plushes, this Kickstarter will be only for the owlbear plush. And as the project grows, I want to look at getting a custom box for the owlbear, some accessories (like a hat, bow, scarf, bowtie, cape, etc), and maybe a tiny little owlbear artbook featuring community artists.

If you follow the link you can sign up to get notified when the Kickstarter launches.

Thank you so much for your excitement and support and we can’t wait to see this adorable owlbear in your hands and see the adventures you take with it.

Stay safe everyone,