Press Release

September 2020

Announcing PULSE, the HLD Fanzine!

By |2020-09-10T21:04:15-07:00September 9th, 2020|Brands, Developer Updates, Hyper Light Drifter: TTRPG, Press Release|

As we continue to bring the world of Hyper Light Drifter to life as a tabletop RPG, we’re super excited to announce that we are also publishing the PULSE Hyper Light Drifter fanzine! This 42-page fanzine features over 25 creatives of HLD community. In addition, as suggested by Alex Preston himself, all […]

July 2020

Announcing the MWG Affiliate Program

By |2020-07-09T20:40:39-07:00July 9th, 2020|Developer Updates, Press Release|

After some tweaking and searching, I’m happy to announce the MWG Affiliate program!

Our growth and success wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for your energy and enthusiasm, pushing us to the next level. And for that, we owe you a our thanks. We appreciate everything you’ve done for us from supporting us on social […]

February 2020

New Website #2

By |2020-02-20T01:58:13-07:00February 15th, 2020|Press Release|

A project of oppertunity, the time had come for us to take 100% control of our website. Our prior configuration was split between a homepage and our store, which was hosted on Shopify. Shopify, although a great platform for selling things, only did that, which felt like it was a huge disconnect between our products […]