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Over the last couple of months, we have been trying out new systems to tell stories and really hone our abilities as both GMs and Players. Here is a quick list of the systems we have tried or ones that we plan on trying in the near future. Be sure to follow the links to check them out.

As a note, we bought all of the materials listed below and none of this is sponsored by any of the groups in this article.

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Hyper Light Drifter RPG

Author: Andreas Walters
Publisher: Metal Weave Games
Price: You can get the basic rules book for free on their site or pre-order the core Rulebook on their Backerit for $45.00.

Bard rating: We have been following Andreas and Metal Weave Games for some time now, they have an amazing set of wares on their site and this RPG is in good hands.

I have been following the Hyper Light Drifter RPG since it went live on Kickstarter a while back and the progress that Andreas has made is incredible. The RPG is based on the award-winning Hyper Light Drifter video game that was released in March of 2016 and keeps true to the source material down to how players interact in combat with a series of Dashes. With unique tactical combat, a lot of agency on the player’s part, and some built in rules to make the experience the best case scenario for everyone involved this one should be on your radar if not in your hands.

Recently they made the Basic Rules Book FREE to make it more accessible to the community. Check out the announcement here. Yes, FREE. If you don’t pick it up and at least check the system out you are doing yourself a disservice. Since it is free and you can read over their amazing rules set we won’t dive into the mechanics in this article but we will circle back around in the future for a full solo review!

HLD-RPG’s Basic Rules Book starts you off with the basics of tabletop gaming and adds in a lot of notes that some Junior or New GMs might not think to cover with their play groups: How to cover sensitive topics, a special system for approaching a participants comfort at the table, table manners, and how to establish rules as a group. In other words, the book helps the party form a social contract on how to play from the get go. This is a route that more RPG’s should take in my opinion. Teaching the next generation of DMs (and veteran ones if I am being honest) how to approach a 0-session and how to establish a healthy social contract at the table not only helps that table but helps to foster a strong community of mindful TTRPGers at large.

The book then takes both the player and Narrator (GM) on their respective journeys to build the world and their characters. The colorful 80 page document is continually updated as the team takes a community feedback route for development which allows multiple paths for followers of the project to give feedback during the creation process and then see their notes translated into the book as it goes.

TL:DR – This book does more than bring a notable video game to the tabletop, it brings a fresh take on resource management and gives GMs all the tools and guidance they need to create a wonderful experience at their tables.

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