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Anncouncing Incantations

by Andreas Walters on May 03, 2021

In an ongoing effort to bring in and sponsor more independent creators, we're super excited to be announcing Incantations, a 5th edition-compatible supplement that provides options and oppertunities to use magic outside of the casting system.

For those who are familiar, these were first introduced in Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition where, outside of combat, anyone could cast a ritual that they learned. This casting would consume componenets, time (typically more than 10 mins), and skill checks, to bring about a narrative or adventure effect. This included things like enchanting a ship to fly, restoring a place or thing to a time in the past, bolstering plant growth and harvests, and more! 

Led by Joshua Mendenhall (@HTTPaladin) and co-authored by Kiersten (@Clericalcleric), this beautifully illustrated supplement will be Kickstarted in June, see you there!

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by Johnny Chaos on May 08, 2021

Looking forward to the new supplement


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