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5th Edition Compatible

New Options For A Classic Game

D&D, now in its 5th Edition ruleset, brings the classic swords and sorcery magic to your game table. But mayhap your party yearns for a different quest?

Refresh your home game with something unique. Awaken your senses to the world of beasts with the Baby Bestiary, Atlas Animalia, and Awakened companion books – or venture into the forgotten and forlorn land of Ember and discover what mysteries this broken kingdom has to offer. Oh, and did someone say fantasy cooking? Realize your culinary dreams with our latest 5e addition – Dragon Stew!

5th Edition (12)

Dragon Stew




Baby Bestiary: Beast Companion (D&D 5e)


Baby Bestiary: Caretaker Warlock (D&D 5e)


Embers: System Companion (5e)


Teacup Dragon Care Guide


Dragon Stew - Sample Pages


Lair of the Necromeowncer


Who’ll Let The Dogs Out?


Atlas Animalia: Player Options (D&D 5e)


Atlas: System Companion (5e)


Animal Adventures: Starter Set