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Dragon Stew - Sample Pages
Dragon Stew - Sample Pages
Dragon Stew - Sample Pages

Dragon Stew - Sample Pages

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Have a taste of what’s to come with the sample pages of Dragon Stew, a Fifth Edition cooking-themed supplemental.

Dragon Stew will be hitting Kickstarter on February the 10th. Inside of the book you’ll find Cooking Classes, Dessert Familiars, Cooking Rules, and an entire cooking competition adventure called a Cooing Trial where adventurers will have to learn about a monster, hunt it down, and cook it to impress a judge and win the trial.

These sample pages include a first look on The Baker, one of the Cooking Classes, the Dog Roll, one of the Dessert Familiars, and a few pages directly from the adventure detailing NPCs, one of the brand new monsters included in the adventure, and one of the dungeon rooms, battlemap and all!

If you like what you see, you can buy the Full-Book here.