Broken Land, Broken Hearts. Darkened Souls, Tragedy Unfolds…

Looking for the dark fantasy setting of your dreams (or nightmares)? Look no further, friend.

Inspired by the incredible Dark Souls video game series, Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom takes you to a forlorn land of endless death, rebirth… and summer.

Plunged into chaos by the tragedy of King Brennin, this mysterious realm is filled with intrigue, danger and monsters galore. Forever trapped in a pattern of death and rebirth, the minds, bodies and souls within the kingdom of Ember are further corrupted and mutated with each “cycle”. Scattered memories offer a taste of how this foul fate consumed the land, but for the keen observer – perhaps there is more to discover?

This sandbox campaign setting can be dropped into any TTRPG system, creating the perfect Soulsian campaign to subject your friends to… Gather your allies, steel your nerves, and dive into the chaos with the range of products below.

Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom (6)

Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom


Embers: System Companion (SotDL)


Retro Embers


Satyr Mwars


Daughter of Ash - Embers print


Ceidwen Coffee Mug