Caretaker Warlock (Quest)

Caretaker Warlock (Quest)

In this project, we're looking to bring the beloved Caretaker Warlock to the recently popular Quest system. 

The Caretaker Warlock was originally built as a 5th edition supplement meant to challenge the core themes of the warlock as well as provide new ways for companions to exist for players.  And with its success, we want to bring it into the Quest system.

What is Quest?

Quest is an easy to learn ttrpg where you are an extraordinary person in a dangerous world. Where you will explore wondrous places, meet fascinating and mysterious people, witness magical events, and answer the call to go on an exciting adventure. And what happens in this world is based on the choices you and your friends make.

How this works!

The Tapestry Board is a series of smaller projects that we want to bring your collective energy and fundraising to. These projects are ambitious in scope but are not large enough to warrant a full-on Kickstarter campaign. 

How it works is that you will pick the tier you want to support at, and pledge. At this time no payment is collected or processed. When we reach the end of the campaign term, we send out emails for you to complete your payment and attach to it any additional goals we might have reached. 


With this project, we're looking to fund the design work, which is all being done by Viditya Voleti, and commission new art by Nakano Art (artist of the original Caretaker Warlock). 
The Current Budget is set at, $800 for writing/design and $1,200 for art. 
Any additional funding, collected from this project will go directly to Viditya, to compensate him for his creativity and effort.