Discover the Forgotten and the Forlorn

Discover the tragedy of King Brennin,
the one who failed and broke the land,
and cast it into chaos.

In a land beset by the Endless Summer,
what will you do?
Bring an end to Brennin’s tragedy?
Seek an end to the curse?

Or perhaps…  something else entirely?

Made possible by 410 forlorn souls on kickstarter, Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom (EotFK) is a systmless, narratively-rich, region, designed to be dragged and dropped into any campaign setting (low or high magic).

If you are looking to emulate the Dark Souls style or theme (otherwise known as the soulsian) this book will provide you with the perfect setup for your campaign.

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This is a must-have for fans of dark fantasy tabletop gaming.
Sarah R.

As a huge fan of the Soulsborne series, this supplement does a fine job of painting a new world and style of play for your fantasy RPG of choice.

Zach N.