Over the years, it becomes more and more apparent that we need to uplift creators from diverse backgrounds. Although MWG is owned and run by a single person, we recognize that we are in a position where we can make a difference.

In this effort we’ve updated our values to, reflect our personal values, reflect what our community expects of us, and made them public so we can hold ourselves up to our own standards (you can read our values on our About Us page). As part of our new values, we emphasized our role in the industry to:

  • Be A Beacon of Inspiration, not only in the content we publish, but as an ally for those in, or looking to get in the industry in any way.
  • Offer Just Compensation, from everyone we partner with and publish, we aim to have everyone be properly credited and compensated for their work. In addition, as the price of production rises, we look toward leveraging new strategies to ensure that everyone is justly compensated for their work.
  • Uplift Unheard Voices, from our efforts and successes, we have learned a lot about publishing and we aim to provide opportunities for underrepresented voices and create a rising tide of ideas and diversity.

Our Pledge

Values and goals are great and all, so how do we put our money where our mouth is?

  1. We pledge to ensure that majority of our contributors, from artists, writers, designers, and editors, are from underrepresented communities.
  2. We’re starting a grant program to help and support projects by diverse creators, called the Diverse Creators Grant. We’re funding this program with 20% of all of our revenue from both our website and DTRPG. The recipients of this grant will be determined by an independent board of diverse creators and community members.

Illustrated by Eren Arik