Companies & Organizations

Indie Game Developer's Network


An international volunteer trade organization that supports indie game developers making, publishing, and promoting fantastic games.

Kotodama Heavy Industries


Translators of popular Japanese tabletop RPGs such as Ryuutama and Tenra Bansho Zero

BPB Games



Roleplaying content for D&D, Savage Worlds, FATE, Genesys and more.

Asians Represent



An ENnie nominated podcast that highlights the contributions of Asian creators to tabletop gaming

Partners & Contributors

Gabe James


He/Him | Voice Actor | Game Designer | Founder of @MythicGrove

Banana Chan


She/They | Game Designer | Storyteller | Owner and Co-Founder of @gameandacurry



Co-Director/Lead Designer for The Islands of Sina Una | Crafter at @therooktheraven | @dungeonfog Brand Ambassador


Afda Trihatma Aji


Illustrated various Baby Bestiary pieces including the 2017 Calendar

Alex Drummond



Illustrator of Epic Isometric

Also created some adorable Baby Bestiary Isometric Tokens

Angus Doolan


Pixel Artist & Animator

Created the Baby Bestiary Nyan gifs as well as some other concept pixelart

April Prime


Co-creator of Animal Adventures! Official DnD artist

Illustrated the 2019 Baby Bestiary Calendar

Ashley Mackenzie


Freelance Illustrator

Illustrated parts of Awakened

Beck Hallstedt


worker-owner & concept artist at @wildbluestudios

Illustrated parts of Awakened

Christina Kraus


Freelance Illustrator from Germany

Illustrated the Awakened cover



Fantasy Artist & Storyteller

Illustrated parts of Awakened



Visual Development Studio

Illustrated Baby Bestiary

Conor Burke


Irish Concept Artist

Illustrated many pieces for Numenera products

Crystal Sully


Maker of Monsters, actual Dragon | Creator of the Untamed Bestiary

Illustrated parts of Awakened

Daniel Riise


Pixel artist

Illustrated pixel art for HLD:rpg

David Lewis Johnson


Illustrated pieces for Cloak and Dagger a cypher system supplement

Dean Spencer


Stock Art Creator

B/W stock art used in Embers 

Domenico Neziti


Illustrator | Comic Artist | Colorist | MMA and Space fan

Illustrated the 2016 Baby Bestiary Calendar 



Freelance artist and gamer

Illustrated parts of Awakened



Level 6 RPG Cartographer

Makes bomb maps

Eka Pramudita Muharram


2d game artist at @mojikenstudio. creator of @usbbgame

Pixel artist that drew most of HLD:rpg

Eren Arik


Turkish concept artist

Illustrated Non-Player Cards in his awesome speed-paint style

Eric Quigley


Freelance illustrator and concept artist

Illustrated parts of Embers

Fil Kearney



Illustrated parts of our Numenera Supplements

Jeff Brown


Illustrated parts of our Numenera Supplements




Illustrated parts of our Cypher System Supplements

John Devlin


Just an illustrato

Illustrated alternative art of our Embers bosses (used in statbooks)

Nakano Art


I’m Nana and I draw cuties, creepies & sillies

Illustrated the adorable Caretaker Warlock and Baby Bestiary 5e Beast Companion



Happy little snail robot | Artist/musician/writer for @OneShot_Game

Illustrated parts of the HLD:rpg

Pedro Lopes


Illustrated some awesome concept art for an unreleased Cypher System title

Rachel Denton


Concept Artist and 2D Animator

Illustrated parts of Awakened

Russ Charles


Co creator of Dungeons and Doggies, Cats and Catacombs… Sculptor for Critical Role & Steamforged Games

Fixed up and made Baby Bestiary sculpts

Sarah Dahlinger


I draw and sculpt creatures and animals, based on real-world anatomy for books, productions, and games

Co-Created and illustrated Atlas Animalia

Traci Cook


Coffee guzzling, video game art director-ing Portland local.

Illustrated amazing birds in Awakened

Travis Hanson


Eisner nominated illustrator, storyteller and comic guy. Creator of Life of the Party

Illustrated Scavengers RPG and the 2018 Baby Bestiary Calendar

Vincent Yau


Illustrated most of Embers