If you create content be it a podcast, stream, review, videos, or even in your live-play groups. We want to support you in as many ways as we can! So, in an effort to connect ourselves to the greater media community that is in tabletop, we want to make our products and services available to you. So if you’re looking to run a giveaway for your community, add a product review to your queue, need one of our products to feature in your campaign, or want to create a few sessions featuring one of our games, we’d be happy to talk to you and do our best to support you!

Things we can offer:

  • Add your content to the MWG In-Action page: We’re building a page where fans will be able to browse and enjoy the diversity of content that you have produced using our products. We hope that this can create a rising tide, exposure for your channel, as well as a point of entry for the products we create.
  • Complimentary Copies: Whether it’s for a review, a discussion, or a character, we’d be happy to provide you with those products. As a note, physical copies will be distributed on a limited basis.
  • Giveaway Rewards: If you’re looking to do a giveaway for your community, we would be happy to donate a product to help you engage with your fans.
  • Designer Appearance: Looking to add a guest to your channel or show? We can coordinate one of our contributors or our lead Andreas to appear on your show! If you want to talk design, play games or something else, wed be happy to connect!
  • Sponsorship Opportunities: We want to get our games out there and if you’re looking for us to sponsor an episode, your stream, a campaign series, we would be happy to look at providing you the necessary support. This could range from providing complimentary copies, to compensation (in the event that you are proposing sponsored content)