Create Diverse and Unique NPCs


From the sucessfully Non-Player Cards Kickstarter comes the first installment of the NPC series, the Non-Player Compendium. A hanbook containing everything you need to create a unique and engaging character with little to no prep. Inside, the book is arranged into 8 chapters each with their own art and roll-lists.

  • Names (no images here, but two lists, a name generator and a name list)
  • Professions
  • Personalities
  • Relationships
  • Quirks
  • Traits
  • Goals
  • Secrets

Each chapter (except names) feature 50 facets and include a short write-up which give can give you direction and inspiration on how to run that character or NPC. This literally gives your several hundred trillion character combinations!!

Also, its generic so the Non-Player Compendium can be used for any setting and contains no rules or mechanics so it can be used for any system! Throught the handbook, is some of the evocative art, digitally painted by our artist Eren Arik.

Completly adaptable for creating new NPCs or enhcancing existing ones, this is a must-have resource for GMs of any System or Setting.