The tabletop RPG industry is a small one, and we want to create more places and spaces to help designers succeed and get published. 
We are looking to create a publishing relationship with your, as an artist, writer or designer, and will help bring your project to life. 

What we can offer:

  1. A tabletop audience that's interested in diverse and unique products.
  2. Investment in art resources and layout.
  3. Printing, distribution, fulfillment and a storefront.
  4. Crowdfunding assistance.

What we want to see:

  • Systemless tabletop products.
  • New tabletop games that align with our core values.
  • Supplements that resonate with our existing products, or that challenge the norms.

In the space below:

  • Give us your pitch and your vision for the project
  • How far along the development of your project is (feel free to provide links).
  • What the timeline looks like for your project.

    By submitting material through this form, this does not establish or create any relationship between you (the submitter) and Metal Weave Games. In addition, any content that is submitted is yours, but does not guarantee that Metal Weave Games may already have plans or are actively working on similar titles. (We have no intention or desire to steal ideas, but we also need to protect ourselves from people accusing us we stole their ideas.)