• Explore Diversity! Created from the ENnie-nominated Atlas Animalia you can explore all the beast variants and use them in your game. This supplement only contains the statblocks for the creatures, everything else including lore and anatomy are found in the in Atlas Animalia core book. This supplement converts the creatures for use in the popular 5th Edition ruleset.
  • Awakened

    Discover new creature NPCs and companions with bestowed intellect to spice up your campaign or inspire new characters. Awakened is somewhat underutilized 5th level spell that grants creatures and plants intelligence, mobility and the capability of speech. This book is an exploration of numerous fully-illustrated characters who have become awakened and now roam the world with their own backstory, goals and ambitions. In addition to all of the awakened profiles, we provide you a simple framework for you to create your own 5e Awakened characters to join your adventuring party. Awakened is 70 pages and available in both PDF and Hardcover
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    Build, Raise & Rear

    You've discovered the adorable and now it's time to bring those adorable creatures on your 5e adventures. This supplement will help you create critters to join you on your adventures and are also designed to level up with you as you go! This book does not contain raw stats for every baby beastie imaginable, that would be far too much work. Instead what we did is created a system that allows you to easily build and improve a beast companion. In addition, for those who want more beasts in their class design, we've also thrown in 3-beast driven sub-classes; Druid - Circle of Summons Fighter - Houndmaster Wizard - Familiar Spellmaster These are based on the award-winning books (but not required to use the companion)
  • Protect, Nurture & Ascend

    Perhaps you were a student of magic, or maybe just an explorer. Whatever you once were, your entire life has changed since you have discovered this great creature. Unlike most warlocks who are granted their power by making a pact with a extraplanar entity. You are bestowed your power by your selfless protection and nurturing of a young patron. Gaining power as the patron does, your relationship is that of caring and friendship, of course with the highs-and-lows of rearing a young, but very powerful creature. Inspired by the Baby Bestiary, this supplement will provide you with a rework of the warlock, providing you with new invocations and new patrons to adopt (including the pheonix, couatl, dragon turtle, and dragon).
  • Have a taste of what's to come with the sample pages of Dragon Stew, a Fifth Edition cooking-themed supplemental. Dragon Stew will be hitting Kickstarter on February the 10th. Inside of the book you'll find Cooking Classes, Dessert Familiars, Cooking Rules, and an entire cooking competition adventure called a Cooing Trial where adventurers will have to learn about a monster, hunt it down, and cook it to impress a judge and win the trial. These sample pages include a first look on The Baker, one of the Cooking Classes, the Dog Roll, one of the Dessert Familiars, and a few pages directly from the adventure detailing NPCs, one of the brand new monsters included in the adventure, and one of the dungeon rooms, battlemap and all! If you like what you see, you can join the kickstarter campaign which is currently live! Here's the link!
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    Discover the Forgotten and the Forlorn in your Shadow of the Demon Lord Campaign This is a stats supplement to the Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom 'setting' book If you are looking to emulate the Dark Souls or Soulsian style in your SotDL ruleset, this book will provide you with a number of rules options to bring your forlorn realm to life. In addition, there are detailed boss fights for the core charcters of the Embers handbook, tailored just for Shadow of the Demon Lord. This book does not contain the lore or background information about the characters from the Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom corebook.
  • A powerful (but, let's be honest, fairly stupid) necromancer managed to get himself trapped in the body of a cat. Since then, he's been carrying on as normal, bringing havoc to the world of the living, but now with zombie rats as his minions instead of the rotting corpses of his neighbours. But the effect is more of less the same.
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    A city is on the verge of great and violent change after rumors spread of its automaton ruler and god succumbing to sickness. 

    As many in Quendazaem plot to seize power, two of the god’s servants are desperate to reactivate their god and bring order and stability back to the city. 

    They place their hopes in a group of adventurers who must stave off of death and insanity to seek the means of resurrection in the Ninth World. 

    The Gardener’s Apprentice is an adventure campaign for the Numenera RPG made up of scenes involving investigation, discovery and combat. 

    The Numenera Core Rulebook is needed to play the adventure. Numenera: In Strange Eons is recommended since a good portion of discoveries in the adventure can cause Player Characters to suffer Intellect damage, descending them into madness. The adventure is suitable for first tier players. 

    The adventure is available as a hardcover featuring a double page cover by Guy Pascal Vallez.
    The PDF version of the adventure features a cover by Julie Dillon 
  • Summoned to the isolated village of Maerwald, you learn the town has been put under a terrible spell. The villagers are desperate and require the aid of you and some awakened doggies to stop the druids before it's too late!