• Color together with the Atlas Animalia coloring book!
  • Have a taste of what's to come with the sample pages of Dragon Stew, a Fifth Edition cooking-themed supplemental. Dragon Stew will be hitting Kickstarter on February the 10th. Inside of the book you'll find Cooking Classes, Dessert Familiars, Cooking Rules, and an entire cooking competition adventure called a Cooing Trial where adventurers will have to learn about a monster, hunt it down, and cook it to impress a judge and win the trial. These sample pages include a first look on The Baker, one of the Cooking Classes, the Dog Roll, one of the Dessert Familiars, and a few pages directly from the adventure detailing NPCs, one of the brand new monsters included in the adventure, and one of the dungeon rooms, battlemap and all! If you like what you see, you can join the kickstarter campaign which is currently live! Here's the link!
  • Bring your drifter to life with the official Drifter Character Sheets! Completly form-fillable in both, dark and printer-friendly versions.
  • This is a playtest and a living document These are not the final rules and will be subject to frequent updates.

    Explore at your table a beautiful, vast, and ruined world riddled with unknown dangers and lost technologies. Brought to life in beautiful pixel art, delve into the officially licensed Hyper Light Drifter tabletop rpg, based on the indie smash-hit video game created by Alx Preston and published by Heart Machine.
  • A powerful (but, let's be honest, fairly stupid) necromancer managed to get himself trapped in the body of a cat. Since then, he's been carrying on as normal, bringing havoc to the world of the living, but now with zombie rats as his minions instead of the rotting corpses of his neighbours. But the effect is more of less the same.
  • There is nothing sweeter to see in the wild than a majestic beast, like the owlbear, with her cubs. Brought to life in illustration. Now you can bring this wonderful piece to life with your own artistic ability. Wielding the tools of crayons, colored pencils, and anything else that makes color appear on a page, you can bring this beautiful family of owlbears to life. This coloring book illustration was generously provided by Allie Briggs and we urge you to check out her work on her website and support her work on Patreon.¬†      
  • As a part of the successful Baby Bestiary Kickstarter Campaign, I promised to deliver a few wallpapers So here they are, in 1024x768, 1366x768, & 2880x1800 formats,¬†featuring the
    • Kitsune Cub
    • Treant Sapling
    • Owlbear Cubs
    • 3 Panel Treant/Owlbear/Minotaur
    • Elementlets
    • Elder Godspawn
    • Dragon Turtlette
    • Hydra Snakelet
    • Peryton Hinilus
    • Simurgh Puppy
    • Caretaker Warlock Reflections
    • Caretaker Warlock Couatl
    • Nakano Dragon Turtle
  • Summoned to the isolated village of Maerwald, you learn the town has been put under a terrible spell. The villagers are desperate and require the aid of you and some awakened doggies to stop the druids before it's too late!