From Ultra Pro. It’s no secret that Dungeons & Dragons is more popular than ever! The game continues to grow in popularity and recruit new fans daily.

What better way to share love of this newfound fandom than with adorable mascots? Roll initiative for the cutest little monster compendium you’ve ever encountered! Our Figurines of Adorable Power will include 6 monsters in 2019, with more hatching in 2020.

Red Dragon
Huge Dragon, Chaotic Evil

Ready your saving throws, this one might be too cute to resist! Add this chaotic evil cutie to your party- if you dare.

Red Dragons are covetous, confident creatures. The odor of sulfur and pumice surrounds a Red Dragon, whose swept-back horns and spinal frill define its silhouette. Its beaked snout vents smoke at all times, and its eyes dance with flame when it is angry.