Small Batch Art: Happy Hour Owlbears

Small Batch Art: Happy Hour Owlbears
Small Batch Art: Happy Hour Owlbears

Enjoy your favorite happy hour and tea time beverages with adorable owlbears! Illustrated by the amazing Xan Larson.

What am I getting?

By pledging, you will receive an 11x14 art print, printed on 120lb. Heavy Card Stock.

How this works?

The Tapestry Board is a series of smaller projects that we want to bring your collective energy and fundraising to. These projects are ambitious in scope but are not large enough to warrant a full-on Kickstarter campaign. 

How this campaign works is that you will use your email to lock in your participation and quantity. At this time no payment is collected or processed. When we reach the end of the campaign term, we send out emails for you to complete your payment and attach to it any additional goals we might have reached. 


In preparation for the Owlbear Plush Kickstarter project we have already compensated Xan for their work, so funds gathered will be used to make a small production run of prints and ship to your residence. In addition, 80% of the raised amount after production expenses will go to Xan. We will provide you an update with what that number is post-campaign.