The following are the rules and guidelines which are to be followed if you wish to make use of the commenting and posting systems on HLD:rpg. Users who do not follow these rules will incur the wrath of Judgment (or the moderators). These rules are applied globally to the website, in addition to any forum specific rules that some forums may have. Please refer to those forums and their relevant stickies to ensure you are in compliance with the rules. In addition to the rules below.

1. The Moderator Team

D&D Beyond has an active moderator team who are happy to help you on these forums. If you consider your query to be something you’d rather not discuss in public, then you can send a private message to a moderator. The moderator team are:

  • Andreas_MWG

1a. Discussing Moderator Based Actions

Actions taken against a member of the community are not to be discussed in public on the forums. Opinions about specific moderators or moderator actions (locking, deleting threads, etc) are also not to be discussed in posts or threads.

If you have questions, remarks, suggestions or complaints about moderating in general or specific moderators, please contact a site administrator through a private message.

Warnings & Bans can be appealed. More information on how to do that is provided in the private message you’ll receive when you receive a formal warning or ban.

2. Posting on the Forums

It is expected that every member of our community treats everyone else with courtesy and respect. You may not agree with someone else’s opinion, but there is no excuse for being rude or insulting people. Please be polite in your posts.

2a. Advertising on HLD:rpg

As of current, we are not allowing any advertisment on HLD:rpg. We will likely change this in the future, but as so far, we’re looking to build a community

Streams & YouTube channels – it is permitted to make a post advertising your HLD related stream or video channel, without first seeking permission. These should be posted in the Streams & Video forum.

Looking for Players/Narrators– it is permitted to make a post advertising your HLD gaming group, or looking to find one, without first seeking permission. These should be posted in the Looking for Players & Groups forum.

2b. Naming and Shaming / Personal Information

It is not acceptable to post accusations about other people or any form of naming & shaming.

Real life personal information about yourself or anyone else should also not be posted publicly on HLD:rpg.

We strongly suggest to never post your email address on the forums, even if you deform it well enough to not be picked up by bots. If you want people to contact you, we suggest you use the private message system.

2c. Spamming and Trolling

Neither spamming nor trolling is acceptable on HLD:rpg. This includes, but is not limited to, the following examples:

  • Excessively communicating the same phrase, similar phrases, or pure gibberish.
  • Creating threads for the sole purpose of causing unrest on the forums.
  • Causing disturbances in forum threads, such as picking fights, making off topic posts that ruin the thread, insulting other posters.
  • Making non-constructive posts to de-rail threads.
  • Abusing the Reported Post feature by sending false alarms or nonsensical messages.
  • Posting meme/troll images, text, or videos; “cool story bro”, “u mad”, “10/10”, captioned images, etc…
  • Replying to a thread simply to call the author a troll (regardless of whether the post is actually trolling — if you feel it is, please use the report button and let a moderator handle it).
  • Flaming/insulting other users; Directing messages not deemed as courteous or respectful.

Note that we are more relaxed regarding the use of meme images in news post comments and threads in the Off-Topic forums.

2d. Vote Manipulation & Harassment

Under no circumstance shall you:

  • Create multiple accounts to control voting of posts, homebrew or other votes on the site.
  • Vote negatively multiple times against a user because of homebrew they have created or their opinion on the forums. Don’t agree with one comment? Sure, you can add a negative vote, but don’t go through their entire posting history or public homebrew and leave them a negative vote on everything.
  • Ask other members of the site to vote on objects, positively or negatively.
  • Make unsolicited requests that other users provide you with access to their purchased content (do not send messages to others asking to be added to campaigns so you can access content).

2e. Posting Unsuitable Content

The following topics are not to be discussed on HLD:rpg.

  • Illegal/Copyright PDF and/or download of Hyper Light Drifter official content or the websites that create/ use them.
  • Keyloggers, hoaxes/phishing websites.
  • Activities considered illegal by Metal Weave Games.
  • Religious or Political opinions/debates.
  • Hateful language about race, religion, gender, country (Example: US vs. EU threads), political beliefs, etc.
  • Pornography of any kind.
  • Content that is considered illegal by law.
  • Referral links for contests, promotions, or anything else (unless given permission as laid out under 2a above).
  • Gambling

Depending upon the severity of offence, breaking this rule can gain you an instant ban from the forums.

2f. Bumping Threads and Thread Necromancy

Don’t bump threads. If you have nothing to add to the discussion, move on. Thread authors may reply to their thread if they have made a significant update to the original post.

Thread-necromancy is defined as reviving an old thread for no reason other than bumping it to the first page or offering your opinion on a discussion that concluded over 6 months previously, without offering new information.

3. Your Account

3a. Nickname Rules

The following rules are to be met when editing or creating your nickname. Users in violation of these guidelines will have their nicknames changed and will be contacted by a moderator.

  • No extreme obscenity
  • No insults/shaming/personal attacks
  • No jibberish
  • No excessive advertising

3b. Signature Rules

The following rules are to be met when editing your signature. Users in violation of these guidelines will have their signatures deleted and will be contacted by a moderator.

  • Image Width: No larger than 500px.
  • Image Height: No larger than 100px.
  • Filesize: No larger than 50kB.
  • Total signature size, including text: no more than approx 100px in height (5 lines of condensed text).

No monetized links or links for SEO are allowed. Links to your personal site or social media accounts are acceptable, however, advertisement banners are not allowed.

3c. User Avatar

User account avatars must be kept respectful and free of items or references non-permitted within these rules & guidelines.  These items include, but are not limited to:

  • Pornography or content of a sexual nature
  • Attacks, insults, trolling, flaming, or harassment
  • Responses to moderator-based actions
  • Images only serving to cause unrest
  • Hateful content

3d. Circumventing a Ban or Suspension

Posting on another account or having someone else post on your behalf when your account has been suspended or banned is not allowed. As a result, a new suspension or ban will be issued.

4. Publishing Homebrew

Check out our Fan Use Policy

5. The Penalty System

HLD:rpg runs on an infraction based ban system. If you break the rules, infraction points will be added to your account and when you reach certain thresholds, your account will be banned for a predetermined amount of time. Points are typically valid for 3 months, after which they will no longer apply to your account. Moderators are still able to see your expired infractions and may decide to apply harsher penalties to your account at their discretion.

Points Required for Ban Duration

Ban Duration Points Required
3 Days 15
1 Week 20
2 Weeks 25
3 Weeks 30 / 35
1 Month Ban 40 / 45
2 Months Ban 50 / 55
Permanent Ban 60

Points Given by Infraction (at Moderator discretion)

Infraction Points Expires In
Advertising 5 90 days
Bumping Threads 5 90 days
Copyright Content 5 90 days
Excessive Threads 5 90 days
Flaming 5 90 days
Harassment 5 90 days
Hate Speech 5 90 days
Homebrew – Copyright 5 90 days
Homebrew – Prohibited Content 5 90 days
Homebrew – Repeated Submission 5 90 days
Minor Spam 5 90 days
Naming and shaming 5 90 days
Non-Constructive Posting 5 90 days
Offensive Avatar 5 90 days
Offensive Images 5 90 days
Offensive Username or Signature 5 90 days
Oversized Image 5 90 days
Referral Link/Advertisements 5 90 days
Religious/Political Debates 5 90 days
Thread Necromancy 5 90 days
Trolling 5 90 days
Discussing Moderation-Based Actions 10 90 days
Major Flaming 10 90 days
Major Harassment 10 90 days
Major Hate Speech 10 90 days
Major Trolling 10 90 Days
Posting Personal Information 10 90 days
Prohibited Content 15 90 days