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HLD:RPG Update: Map Style Test

Hello Drifters, We're hard at work on the setting, and I wanted to just share with you a snippet of the map. This was a style test to see if we could do justice to the HLD map style, and honestly, I am very very happy about it. [...]

Drifter Developer Update

Hey Drifters! So originally wanted to record a video for this update, but it doesn't seem like I have the proper setup to do videos justice. So we're going with text instead. It's been about two months since our last update, but I realize that many people have [...]

Presenting the Awakened Cover Spread

I'm delighted to show off the Awakened cover spread, illustrated by the masterful Christina Kraus. Depicting an otter, perhaps a ranger of sorts, leading the adventuring party forward in the right direction. Awakened is a book about creatures who gained intelligence in one way or another, and provides 40 [...]

Getting Licensed

Since Hyper Light Drifter: The Roleplaying Game is pretty fresh and we're actively trying to get a lock down on another IP license, I think it would be a good opportunity to talk about acquiring IP licenses. With only one license under my belt I'm no expert [...]

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