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Savage Worlds

A Touch of Savagery

Add some unique beasts and challenges to your game with our Savage Worlds supplements.

New to this ruleset? Here are a few words from the Savage Worlds team to give a taste of what you can expect:

“Savage Worlds has everything you need to play narrative or miniature-based games, with quick, simple, yet comprehensive rules for everything from combat to Dramatic Tasks, Chases, and Interludes. The emphasis is on less bookkeeping for the Game Master so she can quickly and easily create worlds and adventures for any setting and focus on the players and their actions to keep the action and story rocketing along.”

If this sounds like your kind of thing (or if you’re already running a Savage Worlds campaign) then check out our offerings below to inject some flavor and flair to your game.

Savage Worlds (1)

Atlas: System Companion (Savage Worlds)