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Scavengers RPG
Scavengers RPG
Scavengers RPG

Scavengers RPG

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War! What is it good for?   Getting rich, that's what.

In the distant future, humanity has spread across the galaxy, and divided into warring factions. Five empires, from the conservative Unionists to the cutting-edge Techies, have been fighting for nearly three centuries to see who will rule a united humanity. Profiteering on the warring is the newest faction, the Randians. Tiny compared to the other five, they are utterly devoted to selfishness and money. The roleplaying game Scavengers is about a crew of space battle salvagers, and their quest to get wealthy.

Scavengers offer a simple and flexible system where the players constantly weigh risk against reward, in competition with each other to get the biggest credit account. With streamlined mechanics designed to heighten suspense and to allow the game master to create new ships to loot on the fly, Scavengers is a fast, competitive game of greed and adventure.